Family Wellness Services

Wild Plum Center regards parents as the first, best and most important teachers of their children. Similarly, Wild Plum Center believes the family unit, in whatever form it takes, is the foundation for a child’s early development and learning. Wild Plum Center places parental involvement, the parent/child relationship, as well as the mental health of both caregivers and children as the highest priorities. In 2010, we saw an average 44% increase in our families’ self-sufficiency as measured by the Self-Sufficiency Matrix.

Strong, healthy families lead to successful, self-sufficient families and children. Wild Plum Center offers numerous opportunities to foster the health and well-being of WPC children and families, including:

  • Mental Health Services
  • Family Support & Case Management
  • Parent Education & Socialization Activities

For more information about the mental health services offered by Wild Plum Center, please call 303-776-8523.