About Us

Wild Plum Center works to create a platform for life-long learning and self-sufficiency for low-income families. Early education and developmental services are essential in this critical window from prenatal to five because they give children the foundation they need to be successful in school and successful in their adult years. We empower parents to work with their children at all stages of development and to build deeper relationships within their families. Additionally, we support parents in taking steps toward their own self-sufficiency. Wild Plum Center strengthens our community by strengthening families.

A Brief History

Wild Plum Center, formerly Longmont Children’s Council, was established in 1965 as the St. Vrain Valley Child Development Council. For over 45 years, Wild Plum Center has been a leader in providing early childhood education and developmental services in the Longmont community. Since our grassroots beginning, Wild Plum Center has been offering comprehensive preschool programming to low-income 3- and 4- year-olds, including implementing Head Start. 

In 2010, Wild Plum Center was designated as the Early Head Start provider for the area and now offers a complete continuum of services for the critical developmental window from prenatal through five. Wild Plum Center works diligently to continue to expand our services to address the growing and unmet early educational needs of Longmont’s low-income population.