For those who itemize deductions on federal income taxes, all donations to Wild Plum Center are tax-deductible as charitable contributions.  More significantly, whether you itemize deductions or not, financial donations to Wild Plum Center qualify for the Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit, as long as you don’t require that the donation only be used in a certain way.  This means that anyone who files a Colorado State Income Tax return can get 50% of their contribution amount deducted from their state income taxes.  For example, if you donate $200, when you file your state taxes, these taxes will be reduced by $100. 

“The Child Care Contribution Tax Credit makes it even more gratifying to donate to Wild Plum Center.  I know that I can donate more than I usually would because half of it will come back when I file taxes.  The extra paperwork when filing taxes is quite simple.  Wild Plum Center receives the full value of my donation, meaning that my out-of-pocket donation is always doubled!”  DH

Wild Plum Center relies on the generous contributions of our community partners and donors. Without these gifts of financial support along with in-kind gifts of supplies and services, Wild Plum Center would not be able to provide essential services to low-income children and families living in Longmont.