Wild Plum Center works to create a rich learning environment by maintaining high-quality, dedicated professionals across all areas of service. WPC is extremely proud of our staff and the wonderful work being accomplished through their daily efforts both individually and as a team.

Amy Ogilvie
Executive Director

MA in Psychology & Counseling

20+ years experience, including as Manager of City of Longmont Children & Youth Resources

Elizabeth Lenski
Business Director

BS in Business Administration

20+ years experience in business administration

Kristi Pellouchoud
Family Service Director

BS in Education

15+ years teaching experience
10 years leadership experience

Mireya Ramirez
Health Director

UCLA Health Care Institute Licensed Trainer 

15+ years of experience in the field helping low-income families with medical referrals, health trainings, and legal documentation.

Breast Feeding Consultant


Preschool Curriculum and Disabilities Coordinator, Elizabeth Cronin:

Infant Toddler Curriculum and Disabilities Coordinator, Angela Jensen:

Family Services Coordinator Early Head Start, Jackie Macias:

Family Service Coordinator Head Start, Jessica Gutierrez

Human Resources Generalist, Damaris Villa:

Project Development Coordinator, Hailey Bishop: