Health Services

Wild Plum Center works with parents and caregivers to access healthcare screenings and services for their children. It is our goal to ensure that all children and families connect with medical and dental providers during their time at Wild Plum Center.

  • Age-appropriate health and dental screenings
  • Hearing and vision screenings
  • Well-baby support services, including helping parents to access care and vaccines
  • Prenatal, postpartum and breastfeeding support and education
  • Nutrition information for the entire family
  • Provision of healthy meals and snacks, as well as helping families access supplemental food items
  • Referrals to health providers and other community resources as appropriate
  • Help families understand and navigate complicated medical situations in order for them to get proper treatment
  • Wild Plum Center offers First Aid and CPR classes at no cost to all WPC parents.

Here are some health and nutrition-related resources that you may find helpful:

Salud Clinic


Dental and Vision

Nutrition- WIC

For more information about the health and nutrition services that Wild Plum Center offers, please contact Mireya Ramirez,  Health and Nutrition Director at

Additional Resources: