Parent Education & Socialization Activities

Wild Plum Center hosts monthly gatherings for all of the families that we serve. These “socializations” focus upon a topic such as school readiness or literacy, provides an opportunity for parents to meet one another and to allow children to play together outside of the school environment. Socializations are based upon principals from the Head… Continue reading Parent Education & Socialization Activities

Mental Health Services

Wild Plum Center regards all forms of family health, including emotional and social well-being, as the foundation for personal well-being and achievement. There are two Mental Health Consultants on our staff who offer a variety of mental health services to children and families. The focus of Wild Plum Center therapeutic services is on intentionality, meaning… Continue reading Mental Health Services

Food Service Program

Wild Plum Center knows that children need proper nutrition throughout the day so that their brains and bodies can function properly and they will be ready to learn. WPC provides 2/3 of a child’s nutritonal requirements each day they are in school. Using the USDA MyPlate WPC offers breakfast and lunch to the morning classes and lunch… Continue reading Food Service Program

Nutrition Information

Good NutritionWild Plum Center operates on the belief that good nutrition is vital to our physical, mental and emotional health. We work with families to help them learn about the USDA MyPlate, how to prepare healthy meals and snacks, and how to shop and save money at the grocery store.All WPC families are offered an… Continue reading Nutrition Information

Early Education: Preschool

Preschool ProgramsWild Plum Center currently provides two comprehensive preschool programs — Head Start and non-Head Start funded, Head Start modeled Preschool. Wild Plum provides preschool services to low-income 3- and 4- year-olds. Service elements are intended to address any and all aspects of need within a child’s life, allowing for more fruitful educational experiences.Educational, Curriculum-Based… Continue reading Early Education: Preschool

Head Start

Wild Plum Center is the designated Head Start provider for the St. Vrain Valley School district portion of both Boulder and Weld Counties. Head Start is both a federal funding stream, as well as a best-practice early education model. Head Start is one program offered by Wild Plum Center. However, since Head Start is a… Continue reading Head Start

Creative Curriculum

Wild Plum Center currently uses the research-based Creative Curriculum in all 10 of its classrooms. Creative Curriculum focuses on all areas of children’s growth – physical, cognitive, social/emotional, and language development. Creative Curriculum allows each teacher to tailor lessons to the specific interests, characteristics, and needs of the children and families in their individual classrooms.… Continue reading Creative Curriculum


Wild Plum Center regards parents as the first, best and most important teachers of their children. We work with parents to enhance family strengths and address possible areas of need for the family as a whole. Wild Plum Center helps parents create promising futures for their children by taking steps toward their own self-sufficiency. Wild… Continue reading Philosophy

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you called the Wild Plum Center?Native to Colorado, the wild plum tree represents growth, nourishment, and stability – core elements WPC offers to the families we serve.What do you mean by comprehensive preschool and developmental services?WPC works to address any and all aspects of need within a child’s life, allowing for more fruitful… Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions


Wild Plum Center works to create a rich learning environment by maintaining high-quality, dedicated professionals across all areas of service. WPC is extremely proud of our staff and the wonderful work being accomplished through their daily efforts both individually and as a team.LEADERSHIP TEAMAmy OgilvieExecutive DirectorMA in Psychology & Counseling13 years experience, including as Manager… Continue reading Staff