Wild Plum is now enrolling for our Early Head Start and Head Start programs!Thank you for your interest in our program. We provide early childhood education services, at no cost to qualifying families living in the St. Vrain portion of Boulder County. We also offer home based and center based services for newborn children to… Continue reading Enrollment

Get Involved

Want to get involved? Here’s how:Men’s GroupA Wild Plum Center “Men’s Group” meets monthly. Whether it be at Bounce Town, the Longmont Public Library or at a “Dad’s Workshop” at Home Depot, the focus of our Men’s Groups are to encourage and emphasize the importance of positive male role models in the lives of children.… Continue reading Get Involved

Family Literacy

Are you building your home library? Wild Plum Center operates on the belief that it is of the utmost importance to expose your children to the wonderful world of books and reading. Throughout the school year, we will be promoting family literacy. Each classroom will host Family Reading Sessions along with a family activity. Each Wild Plum Center… Continue reading Family Literacy

Parent Resource Center

Links to resources for families:www.brightbeginningco.org.This is an invaluable resource for Wild Plum Center Early Head Start families is Colorado Bright Beginnings. This program empowers parents with the guidance, knowledge and tools to create a bright beginning for their child. Home visits are available, free of charge, for three age groups: prenatal-12 months, 12-24 months and 24-36 months.http://www.stvrain.k12.co.us/This… Continue reading Parent Resource Center

Wild Plum Center Newsletters

Please take a moment to download and browse our newsletters!DateLinkTopics    October 2016 October Parent NewsletterBuilding a healthy familyVolunteer opportunitiesSchool readinessIdeas for helping get ready to read  Additional Resources:September 2016-2017September-Spanish 2016-2017October 2016-2017October-Spanish 2016-2017

For Parents

At Wild Plum Center, we believe that parents are the foremost teachers of their children, and as such, we work to cultivate supportive relationships with all of our families. We are committed to a partnership model for helping children, families and the community as a whole, to thrive.If you have specific questions about services for… Continue reading For Parents

Job Announcement

We are always looking for quality professionals interested in joining the Wild Plum Center family. Even if there are no job openings listed here, please feel free to download the application located at the bottom of the page and submit it to us. We will keep all applications on file and will review them when… Continue reading Job Announcement

Family Wellness Services

Wild Plum Center regards parents as the first, best and most important teachers of their children. Similarly, Wild Plum Center believes the family unit, in whatever form it takes, is the foundation for a child’s early development and learning. Wild Plum Center places parental involvement, the parent/child relationship, as well as the mental health of… Continue reading Family Wellness Services

Health Services

Wild Plum Center works with parents and caregivers to access healthcare screenings and services for their children. It is our goal to ensure that all children establish medical and dental homes during their time as a Wild Plum Center family.Age-appropriate health and dental screeningsHearing and vision screeningsWell-baby support services, including helping parents to access care… Continue reading Health Services

Early Development: Infant/Toddler

Early Head StartWild Plum Center provides Early Head Start early developmental services to low-income 0- to 3- year-olds, including prenatal and post-partum support for pregnant women. Parents may select from either a home-based or center-based service model. Home-based services involve family educators working with parents one-on-one in the home setting for one hour each week.… Continue reading Early Development: Infant/Toddler