Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you called the Wild Plum Center?Native to Colorado, the wild plum tree represents growth, nourishment, and stability – core elements WPC offers to the families we serve.What do you mean by comprehensive preschool and developmental services?WPC works to address any and all aspects of need within a child’s life, allowing for more fruitful… Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions


Wild Plum Center works to create a rich learning environment by maintaining high-quality, dedicated professionals across all areas of service. WPC is extremely proud of our staff and the wonderful work being accomplished through their daily efforts both individually and as a team.LEADERSHIP TEAMAmy OgilvieExecutive DirectorMA in Psychology & Counseling13 years experience, including as Manager… Continue reading Staff

Overview of Services

  The early years of a child’s life are ones of rapid growth and development. Early experiences, especially those occurring within the first five years of life, are foundational for linguistic, conceptual, and motor skill development, as well as long-term emotional health, moral development and overall intelligence. Children who receive prenatal care, have developmental support… Continue reading Overview of Services

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission:Wild Plum Center prepares children for a lifetime of learning and self-sufficiency by providing a comprehensive, individualized approach to early learning and family wellness.Vision:Wild Plum Center envisions a future in which all children are provided equal opportunities for optimal learning and growth, and all parents are empowered to meet the needs of their children.Values:Partnership: Wild… Continue reading Mission, Vision, Values

About Us

Wild Plum Center works to create a platform for life-long learning and self-sufficiency for low-income families. Early education and developmental services are essential in this critical window from prenatal to five because they give children the foundation they need to be successful in school and successful in their adult years. We empower parents to work… Continue reading About Us