We love our volunteers! Without the outstanding resources of time, talent and enthusiasm of our community volunteers, we wouldn't be able to provide the essential services to low-income children and families that we've been known for since 1965!

Every effort, whether large or small, contributes significantly to the overall mission of WIld Plum Center. We hope you will consider donating your time and talents to help nourish and enrich the lives of children and families in Longmont, while having fun, learning new skills and building relationships.

Currently, Wild Plum Center has several volunteer positions:

Board member: Do you have skills in the ares of fundraising, outreach or community-building? We'd love to talk with you about joining our Board of Directors. Our board meets monthly.

Cultural Partner: Come share your love of art, food, music and dance with Wild Plum Center children and families!

Field Trip Chaperone: Accompany children, parents and staff on a variety of fun and educational field trips, providing extra supervision and safety.

Fundraiser Planning Committee member: Do you like to plan parties that raise money for good causes? We do, too. Come and join the fun.

Reader: Read stories one-on-one with children in need of literacy support. Help build up confidence in reading ability!

Rocker: Do you have "loving arms" to share? Wild Plum Center is in need of caring individuals who can provide infants and toddlers extra security, safety and soothing strategies.

Student Mentor: Spend one-on-one time with children who need some extra attention.

Volunteer Program Manager: If you have some time and a little bit of experience coordinating a diverse team of volunteers, we would love to meet you!


Interested in joining our amazing team of volunteers? Please send a message to info@wildplumcenter.org.



Donations are eligible for the Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit (50% of your donation!)



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