Wild Plum Center prepares children for a lifetime of learning and self-sufficiency by providing a comprehensive, individualized approach to early learning and family wellness.


Wild Plum Center envisions a future in which all children are provided equal opportunities for learning and growth, and all parents are empowered to meet the needs of their children.


Partnership: Wild Plum Center is committed to a partnership model for helping children, families, and the community as a whole to thrive. WPC recognizes active collaboration as the cornerstone for creative solutions that enhance family life and promote community success. WPC understands that parents are the foremost teachers of their children and as such works to cultivate supportive relationships with them.

Empowerment: WPC recognizes the power of education to transform and enrich the lives of children and families. WPC supports lifelong learning and fosters individual development as a foundation for personal well-being and achievement.

Health: WPC regards all forms of family health, including physical, emotional and social well-being, as well as personal safety as the ground on which learning occurs.

Equality: WPC fosters respect and inclusion, welcoming diversity. WPC honors all individuals and families for their unique strengths and contributions to the community. WPC believes all children deserve an equal opportunity to a quality educational start.

Compassion: WPC holds compassion as central to fulfilling its mission, approaching all interactions with children, their families, and the community with openness, respect and consideration.

Mission, Vision, Values