Is your family eligible for Wild Plum Center services?

Eligibility requirements are age of child and family income. For preschool, children need to be 3 or 4 years old by October 1 of the year for which they are applying. Proof of income is required to determine that a family meets the federal poverty guidelines ( Family members can submit last year's tax returns, W-2s or two most current paystubs.  Working people who are paid in cash will be asked to submit an Employer Verification Form. We will also need proof of any type of public assistance such as SSI, social security, unemployment, or TANF.

Foster families need to submit proof of foster status.

For Early Head Start (zero-3) the income requirements are the same as above. Families applying for Center-based services need to submit a Schedule Verification form that we ask employers to fill out to specify the hours of work.

Once an application has been submitted, we screen income information and will notify the family right away of their income eligibility.  All families will be notified by June if they were either accepted or if they have been wait listed for Wild Plum Center programs.

Once a child is accepted parents are notified via phone and mail.  We ask them to fill out a packet of information that we either mail to them or that they can pick up at the office of the Enrollment Coordinator. All families are required to attend a New Student Orientation, which are offered monthly.

Wild Plum is now enrolling for our Early Head Start program!

Please check out the enrollment forms here, call 303-776-8523 or send a message to Diana Fernandez, Enrollment Coordinator at We are always available to help you with this process and to answer any questions you may have.

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