Have you been notified by the enrollment team that your child has been accepted to attend Wild Plum Center for the 2020-2021 school year?

If your answer is yes, you will be assigned to a member of our team who will schedule a virtual meeting to complete the acceptance process with you.  

  • During the meeting you will go over Registration Forms/Consents and fill out a CPP and a CCAP application.  This process  is important in order for us to meet the State and Federal Standards that Wild Plum follows.  Completion of these forms is a requirement and is not optional.  
  • Upon completing the meeting and submitting requirements your child will be assigned to a classroom or Family Mentor if Home Based.  
  • All families will complete a conference prior to their student’s start date.  

***Failure to complete the meeting requirements may result in your child’s Selection being revoked.***


Information you will need to complete forms:


  • Phone numbers of friends or relatives that you will be assigning as Emergency Contacts
  • Child’s Health Insurance Information, if available
  • Medical and Dental Provider Information
  • Copy of Child’s immunization record to submit if you haven’t already
  • Child’s most recent physical exam and most recent dental exams


Parent/Guardian Forms

The parent/guardian fills out the Parent/Guardian Forms, which include consents for WPC provided services, emergency contacts, medical information, and communication permissions.  These forms will be sent to you via Docusign to be filled out in advance or during a virtual meeting with a member of our team.

o   Consent for Services

o   Day Time Emergency Contacts

o   Emergency, Allergy and Medication Information

o   Email/Text Communication Consent

Medical and Dental Provider Forms


A copy of the most recent physical and most recent dental exam will be required along with a lab form.  Medical and dental provider forms should be submitted to your providers for them to fill out on your behalf, and then returned to Wild Plum.  (The clinic may opt to give you a print out of the information instead of filling out the forms)
If you have trouble accessing the forms, please call our office for assistance 303-776-8523 or email us at enrollment@wildplumcenter.org
All forms should be submitted to enrollment@wildplumcenter.org or mailed to: Wild Plum Center,  Enrollment, 82 21st Avenue, Suite B, Longmont, CO 80501.


How do I know if WPC has received necessary documents?


If there are any missing forms or documents you will be contacted by our Enrollment Team to collect any missing information from you.