Join our noble “mobile” cause

Transportation often limits access to education, so we’ve committed to building a classroom on wheels that will visit low-income neighborhoods and the children and parents who need it most. In partnership with Mile High United Way and the City of Longmont, we were able to purchase the vehicle that will become the classroom.

We are now looking for donors and sponsors to bring the mobile classroom to life. We envision the mobile classroom accommodating students, ages 0-5, and their parents. It is our intention, with the support of the mobile classroom staff, to equip parents with the resources and confidence they need to be the number one teacher in their student’s life. In providing a space for parents to work alongside their student, we hope to familiarize them within a classroom setting so they can advocate for their student’s success and prepare their student for a lifetime of learning.

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor? You can check out our Sponsorship Opportunities and Levels here. For more information or to explore this opportunity together, please contact and learn what is involved in having your business logo displayed proudly alongside other supporters of our noble mobile cause.